Ice Water Circulating Cooling Vest (includes Pump, Battery and Charger)

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Say No to the Summer Heat.  The Circulating Cold Water Cooling Vest was first built for the military.  The products use a combination of ice water and pumps to push cold water through special tubes sewed into vests. This allows for a continuous flow of cool water around the body core, keeping the user cool and comfortable in any condition. The backpack that holds the ice bottles and water can be easily refilled for continuous cooling over extended periods.This is NO Evaporative, Phase Change or Air-Cooled Vest! This is the best, most Affordable Circulating Water-Cooled Personal Cooling Vest.  Click here for the user manual.  Click here to see how does it work.

Compcooler Cooling vest sizing

 Always order the backpack, unless you need to wear an uniform on top (click here to order waistpack), or sit on a chair like Sportsplane pilotes and auto drivers (click here to order  handbag).





  • Completely self-contained system with unlimited mobility.
  • Built-in Ice Water Circulating System, delivers the right temperature to your body core. 
  • Side Velcro adjustment, fits snugly around your body, get the maximum cooling effect
  • Rechargeable battery 6-8 hours per charge, practical for most outdoor and indoor activities
  • All in one design, no external hose hookup


  • Dia Pump 7.4V 200mAh,
  • Rechargeable Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh
  • Bladder Material: TPU
  • Bladder capacity: 2L / 2.11 Quarts
  • Cooling Time: 2-4 hours
  • Soft Mesh Liner
  • Vest with insulation material 
  • Weight w/o Water: 1KG / 2.2 lb.

Vest Material

  • Vest material: Nylon 
  • Liner: soft mesh
  • Zipper:YKK


  • Some reviews say the Bladders leak, why?

        Most bladder damages are caused by the zip.  Do not let the edge of the water bladder get in the zip and force through.

  • How long will the ice last? 

        The actual duration depends on a) how much "cold" you start with; b) how rapidly heat is absorbed.

        *Tips: Freeze many bottled waters, keep them in a cooler.  Swap them out when the water get warm. 

  • How long will the battery last?

        6-8 hours per charge. Click here to buy additional batteries.


  • How to tell if the water is circulating?

        There are an inlet and an outlet on the back of the Bladder. The higher one is the water inlet; and the lower one is the water outlet.  Fill water to the minimum water level. Turn the pump on.  If you see the water is coming back from the inlet, that means the water is circulating through the vest. 

365 Day Limited Warranty. 6 Months Warranty for All accessories. The unit is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. The unit when purchased from a United States retailer is warranted against defects in materials and/or workmanship under normal use for a period of three hundred sixty five (365) days from date of purchase by the original purchaser. If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, at its option, we will either 1) repair the defect, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or 2) replace the unit with new ones that is at least functionally equivalent to the original unit

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    Overall a nice product, but...

    Posted by Mic on 21st Sep 2017

    I purchased this vest for motorcycle riding in and around Las Vegas in the summer. I was able to use it once before the bladder started leaking. I contacted Compcooler and got a replacement bag. The second bag also worked only once before leaking. I asked them to send me just the replacement bladder. Since they were out of stock this would take a month or so.

    I ended up engineering my own bladder solution by purchasing a much better quality bladder that was designed to be used in a Camelbak (or similar). About $10 in tubing and connectors to adapt this to fit the existing connectors and the vest has been working great ever since. I even added a tube to be able to drink from the bladder also which is a nice bonus. One advantage to this solution is the bladder is now MUCH easier to remove than the one that came with the vest. The one that comes with the vest can be removed, but you also have to remove the pump at the same time.

    I eventually did receive the replacement bladder which I have stored away for now. I'm happier with the better quality one I put in myself. Otherwise the vest has worked well.

    How well does it work? Well, I live in the Las Vegas area so we are daily over 100 degrees Fahrenheit daily between late June to early September. I ride my motorcycle daily with this pack. The hottest day I rode was 114 degrees and the pack kept me reasonably comfortable (as comfortable as one can expect to be at 114) for about 90 minutes before it was no longer effective. On a 105 degree day (which is very standard for us in July and August) the pack will last about 1.5 - 3 hours (this really depends on how much I have to stop and how much my back faces the sun). Summer in Vegas is monsson season so it can get very humid at times. This vest works really well when its humid out.

    The battery seems to hold a decent charge. I seem to get about 6-8 hours of use on a single charge. I have a second battery that I keep on me just in case and I've only ever had to swap it out once on a ride.

    I fill the bladder with cold water, add ice cubes, then sandwich it between two cold packs. The fit is a bit tighter than the vest was intended for, but it works. I am able to fit my motorcycle jacket over this vest comfortably if I remove the back padding (it still fits with the padding, just not quite as comfortable).

    I've had this vest for a couple months now and with daily use in a fairly brutal climate I have to say it's held up pretty well. I've had some loose threads on the velcro maybe more often than I'd like, but nothing seems to have come detached as of yet. The holder for the pump switch is too far forward on the left-side middle strap and the length of the switch won't fit through when the vest is tight. Not a huge deal as I just tuck it behind the velcro and it stays in place.

    Overall this a a nice product. The guys were I emailed and talked with were responsive and helpful as much as possible. The only reason I'm giving this product 4 stars instead of 5 is because I had 2 bladders fail almost immediately after receiving the product.