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About Renewable Energy

Silent windmill is a new step forward in harnessing wind power, which will join nuclear and solar power in providing clean, 
renewable energy to the world's industries, offices, and homes. It is useful for niche applications, and creates no pollution.

There are various types of silent windmills, most are small, which have been proposed for manufacture. Currently, the best 
type of silent windmills are 1000W to 5000W, will be sold by the US company www.silentwindmills.com. It costs about $2,000 
to $15,000. The windmill pays for itself after about 2-12 years of operation, depending on wind speeds.
The new vertical windmill is more efficient than traditional propeller designs.  It creates up to 80% more power from the 
same wind as conventional wind turbines. Several advantages for their design including:

  • Less dangerous to birds
  • Very quiet operation
  • Lower maintenance costs because their critical equipment is more accessible
  • Lower capital costs due to simpler design
  • More acceptable because of lower profile - less visual pollution
  • Superior handling of high gusts of winds

Two commonly stated problems with windmills are noise and eyesore factor. The Silent windmills attempt to bypass both 
these concerns, by incorporating a silent design and looking more elegant visually than conventional windmills. The silent 
windmills will be manufactured by www.silentwindmills.com put an emphasis on the vertical element, allowing them to be 
more easily integrated into preexisting masts and buildings.

Wind power is also preferred to fossil fuels in many contexts because government subsidies are frequently available. 
Governments want their citizens to transfer to renewable fuel sources to boost long-term energy security for their country. 
According to http://www.energyefficienthomearticles.com, completely powering the average home with solar panels would 
cost $64,000 for a 2.5 kw system. For a house with $150/month electric bill, the payback is 36 years to say nothing of the 
future value of the $64,000.  Because solar only works at most 8 hours per day, you have to have batteries, etc for full 

But, there's more:

  • A solar panel can never produce more power than its rating.
  • Double the wind speed and we can produce 8 times the power. In other words, we take advantage of changing wind 
  • Clouds increase our power because uneven heating causes higher winds. Solar panels lose power with clouds.
  • We have less need for batteries because we run 24/7.
  • Installation is more complex with solar.
  • Latitude has a profound effect on solar panels. Latitude has no effect on us. Higher buildings are better for wind 
    turbines. Building height has no effect on solar.
  • City buildings often can't use solar because they are blocked by other buildings. Other buildings cause high wind 
    conditions, which benefits turbines.
  • The change of seasons actually benefits turbines because the wind increases with changing seasons. Solar is less 
    effective in winter throughout the world.
  • A solar array on a residential roof would take up 350 sq feet to produce 3.6 kw. The same area in turbines would 
    produce 43.750 kw.
  • www.silentwindmills.com turbines operate at TSR of 1 meaning they are silent.

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