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12V Heated Motorcycle Pant Liners

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Venture 12V Heated Pant Liners

VentureHeat’s 12V Heated Motorcycle Pant Liners are perfect for taking on the elements and riding in comfort.  These heated pant liners are constructed with a windblocking soft shell on the front, and a stretchable back to help fit comfortably underneath your regular riding pants.

A built-in temperature controller gives you access to adjust the heat to three different settings to dial in the perfect level of warmth.

These heated motorcycle pant liners are fit great underneath your riding pants and are ideal when riding in cold temperatures or windy conditions.

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  • - Contouring Fit
  • - Built-In Temperature Controller
  • - Pre-Wired Insole Connectors


Multi-Zone Heating

The heaters are strategically located on the sides of your thighs as well as down the front of your legs which tend to get the coldest due to wind chill.



Included Temp. Controller

Cycle through the 3 temperature settings to dial in the perfect micro-climate for you as you need it, when you need it the entire duration of your ride.

With Xtreme Comfort Technology, we eliminated bulky insulation and coils which impede mobility, and replaced them with hair-thin, micro fibers allowing for a more flexible range of motion without the heavy layers.  

Included :

1 12V Heated Pant Liner

1 Battery Harness with Safty Fuse

Color: Black

Soft Shell Front

Polyester-Spandex Blend Back

This pant Liners are tailored to have a slightly slimmer fit and is suitable for midlayer.


12V Heated Motorcycle Clothing connectotions


12V Direct Connection

The 12V Heated Pant Liners are powered by the existing battery on your motorcycle and will provide heat as long as you're on the road. Simply connect the harness to the terminals on the battery and run the coax cable underneath the body. This non-intrusive configuration allows you to maintain the same look and feel to your bike without cables interfering.

A battery harness comes included with these heated motorcycle pants which can be attached to your motorcycle’s battery.  This setup will keep you warm as long as you are on the bike, giving you the freedom to ride comfortably.




Note: The waistband is made of elastic and is able to stretch an additional 3 inches.


Size Chart

MeasurementWaistInseam Length
XS 26" 28.5"
S 28" 29"
M 30" 29.5"
L 32" 30"
XL 34" 30.5"
2XL 31" 28"






Our commitment to you is to provide you with maximum customer satisfaction through a 12-month limited product warranty. This product is free from any fabric, workmanship, wiring and heating element manufacturer's defect under normal and customary use. Please note Batteries and parts are covered with a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase. Heating element is covered for a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. 12V Heated PowerSports Gear is covered with a limited-lifetime warranty on heating element from the date of purchase. One-year warranty is covered for the actual garment and parts from the date of purchase.